Pink Puke


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released September 7, 2018

Artwork by "cheddar" chester long,


all rights reserved



PINK WONDER Berlin, Germany

Vagina of love and nature,
look at the sky and the world
we puke pink wonder out of our throats.
pinky puky bloody punk


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Track Name: Blood soaked gorilla
Got the cold dead eyes of a killer
Blood-soaked gorilla
rampant beast lying in your bed
gonna kill you till your dead

Its not the world behind your your mind
Telling you its gonna be alright
sit back and enjoy the ride
cause its gonna be a hell of a night

let your dreams slide through your hands
like black volcanic sand
tell your baby that you love her so
cause its gonna be hell of a show

when he takes you to his lair yeh
shit flying everywhere yeh
wave your hands like you just don't care
look into his cold dead stare yeh

Got the cold dead eyes of a killer
Blood-soaked gorilla
rampant beast lying in your bed
gonna kill you till your fuckin brown bread
Track Name: Kamilo
I remember the day
that they took u away
I thought time would never end
tillI could feel your heartbeat
In the palm of my hand
The silence shattered my world
the nights were empty and the days were dead

They tried to make me disappear
to turn me to dust like I was never here
They said you hated my guts
but I knew the truth
when I look into your eyes
I know that you understand

I know that you can hear me
I know that you can see me
I know that you can see deep inside my soul
these cunts will never come between me
oneday they might just leave us alone
Track Name: Cock
A ghost in a cock..... till your dead.... always inside of you
Track Name: Padded room
I told you what I thought of you in 1983
You didn't listen you couldn't see
it seems so obvious to me, its right before my eyes
the truth behind the lies
Robots from the sky are kicking in my door
electric squids coming through the floor
tormented insects climbing on my wall
they're singing songs Ive never heard before
Look at you for ever

I knew from that first moment that you'd be mine
And I could look at you till the end of time
To me it seems like the walls are closing in
the air is gone and I can't breathe
rusty voices bash against my windows
torturing and choking me
All ive got left is your bones
your standing stones
infront of me
When you look at me it makes my mind explode
ravishing raven, sensual overload
what the hell am i going to do with you
look at you for ever....
Track Name: Draino
Im a devil and your a saint
a rotten statue all covered in paint
I woke up from a dream into another dream
and all the shit in between

Salt water drips from my tongue
webs streak across the sky
silhouetted on the wall
shivers tear down my spine

A cobra sprang from its perch
sunk its teeth into my flesh
i turned around to walk away
as time disolved my fate

Neat hole right between your eyes
undead stare penetrates my disguise
ill fucking brain ya
ill fucking drain ya
drown you in a sea of filth... :)
Track Name: Oh shit
See what YOU do to me!!!!
Track Name: Stahl in deinem mund
pull the fucking trigger!!
Track Name: Bier gut

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